Online Pharmacies

There are plenty of legal pharmacy online but there are also criminal enterprises peddling unsafe drugs. The key to online over-the-counter and prescription drug purchases is research and knowledge.

Be Wise:

  • Only buy prescription medication from an online pharmacy that requires a prescription from a licensed physician. There are legitimate online US Pharmacies with licensed US Physicians who can write for medications just like your local physician.
  • Don’t buy prescription medication from an online pharmacy that allows you to buy a prescription medication just by filling out an online form (without a physician).
  • Watch out for unsolicited emails offering cheap medications that can be shipped worldwide.

There are illegal pharmacies and drug sellers that disregard State and Federal laws and pharmacy practice standards. Buying from illegal pharmacies and drug sellers can put your health at risk due to counterfeit unsafe medications. These counterfeits can contain things like: concrete, chalk, antifreeze, aluminum, tin, arsenic and even boric acid. Buyer beware.

  • Make sure that you use an online pharmacy that adheres to the standards of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP).
  • Also you can check with Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice (VIPPS)
  • FDA-approved prescription drugs listings.

It is not illegal to buy over-the-counter or prescription medication on line. Whether you are an individual or a Home Care Assistant (Patient Care Technician) helping your patient with online medication ordering, it is important to know your source. Always check the pharmacy out and beware of worldwide pharmacies, chemists or other compound sellers.

As safe as legal licensed online pharmacies are, the home court advantage of a personal relationship with your own doctor and local pharmacists who knows your medical history, allergy history and medications needs will always be your best resource. Many insurance providers such as Medicare offer safe, affordable online medication purchase and shipping. Follow their procedures and your online over-the-counter and prescription medication purchases should be a safe and satisfying experience.

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